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Born in Beirut, Rita Hajj is an artist
and a space designer, currently
based in Geneva.


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JUNE ‘20

🤖️ Corps-Decors, residency and exhibition, with Blanche Lafarage and Louise Lafarge along with other artists, CH/FR (upcoming)

JAN ‘20

📡 thereafter.hiatus, digital exhibition, in collaboration with Mathieu Arbez Hermoso, onegeeinfog/
,CH (upcoming)

MAR ‘19 

💃️ Geisha Arabe,
research project,CH/LB    (ongoing)

SEPT ‘19

🐆️ Otherkin:
an homage to CATMAN,
lecture performance, in collaboration with sound designer Mathew Andraos, Château deVullierens,CH

JUNE ‘19

📱 Liftopia,
video installation, Spielact Fetival,CH

SEPT ‘18

🔪️ Peritopia,
“Extime” curated by Charlotte Laubard, LIYH,CH

MAY ‘18

🔪️ Liftopia,
performance in public space,CH

MAY ‘18

📱 Peritopia,
installation and performance, tutor Dominic Robson,

FEB ‘18

🧠️ McLuhan Geisha, lecture performance, 

NOV ‘17 

🧠️ McLuhan Geisha, master thesis, tutor Damien Delille, HEAD-Geneva,CH