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Born in Beirut, Rita Hajj is an artist
and a space designer, currently
based in Geneva.


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🤖️ Corps-Decors, residency and exhibition with Blanche Lafarage and Louise Lafarge along with other artists, CH/FR (upcoming)

MAY ‘20

💃️ Oriental Cinema in the age of the Deep(s), "Divas Arabes" curated by Elodie Bouffard et Hanna Boghanim, Institut Du Monde Arabe (IMA), FR (upcoming)

APR ‘20

"Sâr Dubnotal" curated by Damien Delille and Céline Poulin,CAC Brétigny-sur-Orge FR (upcoming)

MAR ‘20

📡thereafter.hiatus, digital exhibition, in collaboration with Mathieu Arbez Hermoso, possible thanks to République et canton de Genève (Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain), onegeeinfog/twogeesineggs, CH (upcoming)


💃️ Artist Residency, La Cité Internationale Des Arts, FR (upcoming)

JAN  ‘20

📱 Pax Art Award nomination 2020, Basel, CH

JAN ‘20

📡thereafter.hiatus, talk with Mathieu Arbez Hermoso,
GeekGirlsCarrots, CH (upcoming)

NOV ‘19

💃️Laureate 2020 of Prix des Amis de l'IMA pour la jeune création contemporaine arabe, FR

SEPT ‘19

🐆️ Otherkin: an homage to CATMAN, lecture performance, in collaboration with sound designer Mathew Andraos, Château deVullierens, CH

JUNE ‘19

📱 Liftopia,
installation, Spielact Fetival, CH

SEPT ‘18

🔪️ Peritopia,
“Extime” curated by Charlotte Laubard, LIYH, CH

MAY ‘18

🔪️ Liftopia,
performance in public space, CH

MAY ‘18

📱 Peritopia,
installation and performance, tutor Dominic Robson,
HEAD-Geneva, CH

FEB ‘18

🧠️ McLuhan Geisha, lecture performance, 
HEAD-Geneva, CH 

NOV ‘17 

🧠️ McLuhan Geisha, master thesis, tutor Damien Delille, HEAD-Geneva, CH